Les actualités et informations générales sur le Togo

Declaration by the Presidency on behalf of the European Union concerning the situation in Togo

P 118/05 (OR. fr)

Brussels, 24 October 2005 – The European Union has taken careful note of the detailed report on recent human rights violations in Togo, drawn up by the fact-finding mission dispatched to the country by the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The contents of that report confirm the seriousness of the abuses and violence, which have left very many people dead and entailed inhumane and degrading treatment and the destruction of property, directed in particular against some European Union member states.

The European Union reiterates its condemnation of acts of violence, from whatever source, and calls on the Togolese authorities to deal thoroughly and fairly with the issue of human rights in Togo, in keeping with the undertakings given in 2004, by prosecuting those responsible for such violence so as to end any sense of impunity. Bringing them to justice will help to restore confidence in the rule of law and encourage the return of refugees, in order for Togo to engage in a sincere process of national reconciliation.

The European Union here renews its call for a genuine dialogue which involves all political forces in the country, is clear in form and in content and serves to establish an electoral framework acceptable to all. The European Union notes that, while some efforts have already been made, the greater part of the work has still to be done.

Lastly the European Union points out that it stands ready to support action by the Government and the President to implement the twenty-two undertakings, in compliance with the Council Decision of 15 November 2004, and that it urges all of Togo’s political forces to work to have firm and resolute steps taken to that end.

European Union (EU)